Woodfold Shutters

Woodfold Shutters

An Age Old Favorite Made Even Better

Woodfold custom hardwood and plantation shutters are equally at home in both the quaintest country cottage and sleekest, trendiest office suite. Quality raw materials and machining processes ensure unmatched product integrity, yes. But it's the skill of their people who turn a select piece of hardwood into a flawlessly finished product, who hand-craft specialty solutions to fit any shape or size of opening, who create true works of art made to last a lifetime.

Woodfold wood shutters and plantation shutters are engineered, crafted and finished to provide a lifetime of smooth, flawless operation. In every step of fabrication, from machining through finishing and packaging for shipment, each order is checked and rechecked to ensure proper sizing. Also, every order leaves our facility in a custom-built-to-size crate, so upon arrival at its destination, it's in pristine condition.

Wood shutters are manufactured from Western Red Alder, a preferable hardwood chosen by many fine furniture manufacturers for structural stability and beauty. Because Alder has an even grain characteristic it allows for matching a variety of quality hardwoods, such as Maple, Cherry, and Birch. These shutters can be custom color matched to any paint or stain finish, allowing for the "ultimate" in customization.

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